Loyalty program

  1. Up to 35% additional FREE credit when customers top up on the loyalty program
  2. Loyalty card credits are non- refundable / transferable
  3. Loyalty credits will expire when a card remains dormant (no usage) after 12 months and any balance will be lost
  4. Any disputes or complaints should be put in writing or via email to david@metrogolfcentre.co.uk
  5. Any registered loyalty card holder who misuses any facility at the Metro Golf Centre, or interferes with the enjoyment of others will have all privileges terminated immediately
  6. In the event of termination by Metro Golf management, the loyalty program holder will lose any credit balance, no refunds



  1. Any specific dress code and conduct introduced by the venue must be followed
  2. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult
  3. Extra care must be taken when swinging golf clubs to safeguard injury, specifically:
    • Practice swing within the bay on the golf mat only
    • One person within a bay at any one time
    • Be mindful of structural posts & bay dividers
  4. Removing golf balls or baskets from the site is strictly forbidden
  5. Customer responsible and liable for any reckless damages caused to the premises
  6. The management will not be responsible for any damage, accidents or loss
  7. As per the signage around the centre, strictly no drivers upstairs
  8. Customers must register their vehicle on one of the tablets around the centre each time they visit the centre – all parking queries should be directed to parking@metrogolfcentre.co.uk


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions you can contact management at david@metrogolfcentre.co.uk or write to us at:

FAO David Grayson
Metro Golf Centre
Champions Way